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The M10 - Leader Rear - Drive Electric Mountain Bike  combines versatility, technology, and style in the next evolution of electric mountain bikes. It features a rear drive motor, a double chainring system with a total of 27 gears, and hydraulic brakes. The mid-motor is equipped with a precise torque sensor that provides intuitive and smooth power assistance, increasing the bike’s range by delivering only as much power as you need. Because the power comes before the gears, the bike steers like a normal bicycle. The center of gravity is also lower, which allows for better handling

27 Speed with 27.5 " tires and a range of 19 - 37 miles (31 -60 km) with speed ranges are 18 - 31 mph (30-50Km/h). Charge time for the down tube  DC48V 15 AH lithium battery charging time is >3 hours, has with 48 voltage. Motor position rear hub motor, Shimano components. Power options are 250W/350W/500W/750W/1000W

OH yeah FULL suspension.