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Glendive Utility

Glendive Utility

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The Glendive Utility is the ultimate mode of transportation. With a max load of 150KG 330 lbs and a top speed of 50KM/H, it's perfect for zipping through the city. Its hydraulic brake ensures safe and reliable stops. Plus, the 48V25Ah battery provides a range of 50-60KM 31-37 miles per charge, making it a convenient and eco-friendly option. Experience the thrill of riding while reaching your destination efficiently. Made to carry you across all terrains. With a 2000W high performance motor even at 53 degrees uphill and the max speed up to 32 MPH. Intelligent riding with IP54 waterproof LCD display shows the riding data support such as essentials, speed, battery level, PAS level. 48V/25AH batter removable battery provides up to 70 miles per charge with pedal assist, which takes you to far to reach places. Absorbs any bumps with a hydraulic front and back suspension, ensures comfortable rides whether you’re landing from stairs, crossing over rocky roads, or climbing up gravel slopes. On average 50% shorter in braking distance and offers precise stopping power. Provides a better braking effect in any condition. Experience the thrill of conquering all types of terrain with ease! Our 48V/25AH battery, removable for your convenience, gives you a range of up to 70 miles per charge when using pedal assist. Whether you're facing steep inclines or bumpy roads, our 2000W high performance motor will power you through with a max speed of 32 MPH. The IP54 waterproof LCD display provides essential riding data and the hydraulic front and back suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on the toughest routes. With an average 50% shorter braking distance, our electric fat tire bike offers precise stopping power in any condition. Don't let rough terrain hold you back – push boundaries and explore new destinations with our powerful and versatile e-bike.

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